Quartet News - Lockout - April 2016

Quartet News - Lockout - April 2016
Type of post: Quartet news
Status: Current
Date Posted: Fri, 15 Apr 2016

From the outside it may seem that things have been a little quiet for us lately.

We’ve been led to believe this since our lead’s mum sent a message to the quartet through our Facebook page asking what we’ve been up to, concerned we hadn’t been active on our social networking pipes.

It is funny how even though you’re chugging along, learning new rep, getting coached, singing for marriage proposals in restaurants, but not posting on the socials, it can seem to everyone else that nothing is happening or maybe you’re not even a quartet anymore! But that is certainly not the case we can promise you!

Lockout is busy working on some special stuff for when we see you all in Newcastle.

    Coaching with Alex Morris 

  It is the first of the BHA annual conventions and we’re in the unique position of being ineligible to compete, so we are taking full advantage of this opportunity and you will see plenty of us off the stage around the convention. We’re planning some things that we hope will become tradition for the following champs to add to year after year. Watch this space for updates as we confirm details with your convention organisers.


Now, having said all that, you will still see us on the contest stage when we will be singing one set for a qualifying score, in an attempt to get us to the BHS International in Vegas 2017. You may also see Mark and Ash in a mixed quartet together, because how could either of those two ever be in only one quartet…?

We hope you all have a great time at the upcoming regional events, keep an eye on the judging panels for Ash (PRS) at Sunshine and Ali (SNG) at Eastern. Come say hi!


Ash Schofield