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BHA Quartets

National convention-winning quartets can be found on our Past Champions page.
Quartet Club Area of operation State Category
2 + 2Ipswich A Cappella Harmony Club IncIpswichQLDMixed
5 Young CannibalsBrisbane River City Clippers Barbershop Chorus IncBrisbaneQLD 
Admit FourThe Melbournaires Barbershop Chorus IncMelbourneVICYouth
Alter EgoSydney Harmony IncSydneyNSWMixed
Amazing GreysSydneySiders Express IncSydneyNSWSenior
Amped UpSydney Harmony IncSydneyNSWSenior
Around the BlendThe Melbournaires Barbershop Chorus IncMelbourneVICMixed
BarberQAdelaide Allsorts Harmony Inc.AdelaideSAMixed
Bardic PostVox Canvas ClubNSWNSW 
Beats Workin'SydneySiders Express IncSydneyNSWSenior
BenchmarkUnaffiliatedSE QldQldSenior
BerylliumNewcastle Harmony ClubNewcastleNSW 
BlindsideGold Coast Barbershop Harmony Club IncGold CoastQLD 
BoardwalkThe Melbournaires Barbershop Chorus IncMelbourneVICSenior
ChromiumHills Harmony Chorus IncorporatedSydneyNSWSenior
ConFusionAdelaide Allsorts Harmony Inc.AdelaideSAMixed
Cool ChangeUnaffiliatedGold CoastQld 
Covering All BassesFestival States-men IncAdelaideSA 
Dang BabySouth Central Harmony IncAdelaideSAMixed
Easy StreetUnaffiliatedEastern RegionNSWSenior
EscapadeGold Coast Barbershop Harmony Club IncGold CoastQLDSenior
Fifth GearHigh Altitude Harmony IncToowoombaQLD 
First EditionHills Harmony Chorus IncorporatedSydneyNSWSenior
For Pete's SakeSouth Central Harmony IncAdelaideSASenior
ForefathersHobart Men's Barbershop Harmony Club IncHobartTasmaniaSenior
Fortune HuntersNewcastle Harmony ClubNewcastleNSW 
Four DinkumHigh Altitude Harmony IncToowoombaQLD 
Four of a KindRiverland Ramblers Mens Barbershop Chorus IncPenrithNSWSenior
Four on the FloorHigh Altitude Harmony IncToowoombaQLD 
FourtetThe Melbournaires Barbershop Chorus IncMelbourneVIC 
FourtuneBarbershop Harmony Club Of Canberra IncCanberraACT 
FOURUMSouth Central Harmony IncAdelaideSA 
GambitUnaffiliatedWestern RegionWA 
Generation GapThe Melbournaires Barbershop Chorus IncMelbourneVIC 
Gliss n TonicFestival States-men IncAdelaideSA 
Good 4 UHigh Altitude Harmony IncToowoombaQLDSenior
Half n HalfThe Baden Street Singers IncPerthWAMixed
HelixVox Canvas ClubNSWNSW 
HighjackedHills Harmony Chorus IncorporatedSydneyNSW 
JacapariHobart Men's Barbershop Harmony Club IncHobartTasmaniaMixed
Jim & TonicsUnaffiliatedRedland BayQldSenior
Lend us a TenorAdelaide Allsorts Harmony Inc.AdelaideSAMixed
MeltonesHigh Altitude Harmony IncToowoombaQLD 
Mixed AgendaSydneySiders Express IncSydneyNSWMixed
Mixed SignalsUnaffiliatedVictoria RegionVicMixed
Nick Nack Paddy CattFestival States-men IncAdelaideSAYouth
On That NoteUnaffiliatedCentral REgionSAMixed
Poster BoysFestival States-men IncAdelaideSA 
RebellionVox Canvas ClubNSWNSW 
ReflexPivotal Point Harmony IncGold CoastQld 
RehashUnaffiliatedCentral RegionSA 
RimfireSunshine Coast Barbershop Chorus IncSunshine CoastQLD 
RoamingSydney Harmony IncSydneyNSW 
Rock Paper SingersHobart Men's Barbershop Harmony Club IncHobartTasmania 
SaltThe Melbournaires Barbershop Chorus IncMelbourneVIC 
Salt n PepperVocal Evolution Inc.PerthWASenior
ScallywagsThe Melbournaires Barbershop Chorus IncMelbourneVIC 
ShortListBrisbane River City Clippers Barbershop Chorus IncBrisbaneQLD 
Silver ChordsCentral Coast Barbershop Chorus IncCentral CoastNSWSenior
Simon SaysHobart Men's Barbershop Harmony Club IncHobartTasmania 
SkeetersThe Melbournaires Barbershop Chorus IncMelbourneVICMixed
Sound CheckThe Melbournaires Barbershop Chorus IncMelbourneVIC 
Sound EffectsThe Melbournaires Barbershop Chorus IncMelbourneVICSenior
Sound InvestmentThe Melbournaires Barbershop Chorus IncMelbourneVIC 
Strolling TonesCentral Coast Barbershop Chorus IncCentral CoastNSWSenior
Sunday's BestGold Coast Barbershop Harmony Club IncGold CoastQLDYouth
The CollectivePivotal Point Harmony IncGold CoastQld 
The Electric BarbercatsVocal Evolution Inc.PerthWA 
The RatsThe Baden Street Singers IncPerthWAMixed
The ResomancersThe Baden Street Singers IncPerthWA 
The Steamed HamsSydney Harmony IncSydneyNSW 
These GuysBarbershop Harmony Club Of Canberra IncCanberraACT 
Three Point Five (3.5)Men in Harmony Barbershop Chorus IncPerthWASenior
Three Squirrels and a NutBrisbane River City Clippers Barbershop Chorus IncBrisbaneQLD 
Twilight ZoneSunshine Coast Barbershop Chorus IncSunshine CoastQLDSenior
UpgradeGold Coast Barbershop Harmony Club IncGold CoastQLD 
Warp Factor 4The Melbournaires Barbershop Chorus IncMelbourneVIC 
WildcardVocal Evolution Inc.PerthWA