BHA Quartets

National Contest-winning quartets can be found on our Past Champions page.
Quartet Club Area of operation State Category
AfterglowGold Coast Harmony IncGold CoastQldMixed
AlouetteBarbershop Harmony AustraliaEastern RegionNSWWomens
BassicallySydney Harmony IncSydneyNSW
Belle RingersBarbershop Harmony AustraliaSunshine RegionQldWomens
BenchmarkBarbershop Harmony AustraliaSE QldQldSenior
BerylliumNewcastle Harmony ClubNewcastleNSW
Better than SixSouth Central Harmony IncAdelaideSA
BlindsideBarbershop Harmony AustraliaSunshine RegionQld
BoardwalkThe Melbournaires Barbershop Chorus IncMelbourneVicSenior
Broken RecordThe Baden Street Singers IncPerthWAMixed
CadenceCoastal Charisma Chapter of SAISouthportQld 
CelestialBarbershop Harmony AustraliaTasmanian RegionTasWomens
Chairmen of the ChordHobart Men's Barbershop Harmony Club IncHobartTasSenior
Chord PartyCanberra Harmony Chorus IncCanberraACTSenior Mixed
ChordacityThe Melbournaires Barbershop Chorus IncMelbourneVic
Classic BlendBarbershop Harmony AustraliaTasmanian RegionTasSenior Mixed
Close ShaveClub at Large  
Cocktail HourBarbershop Harmony AustraliaTasmanian RegionTasWomens
Combination LochBarbershop Harmony AustraliaWestern RegionWASenior
Crystal SoundBarbershop Harmony AustraliaVictorian RegionVicWomens
Crystal SoundAdelaide Allsorts Harmony Inc.AdelaideSAWomens
d'VosGold Coast Barbershop Harmony Club IncGold CoastQldSenior Mixed
DaybreakBarbershop Harmony AustraliaVictorian RegionVicMixed
DebacleBrindabella Chorus IncCanberraACTWomens
Elegant SolutionBarbershop Harmony AustraliaEastern RegionACTMixed
Eleventh HourHigh Altitude Harmony IncToowoombaQldSenior
EquilibriumBarbershop Harmony Club Of Canberra IncCanberraACT
Fifth GearHigh Altitude Harmony IncToowoombaQld
Flat ChanceVox Canvas ClubNSWNSW
Fortune HuntersNewcastle Harmony ClubNewcastleNSWSenior
Four of a KindRiverland Ramblers Mens Barbershop Chorus IncPenrithNSW
Four Tune FindersHobart Men's Barbershop Harmony Club IncHobartTas
Four Way StreetNewcastle Harmony ClubNewcastleNSWSenior
FusionGold Coast Barbershop Harmony Club IncGold CoastQldMixed
Good GravyBarbershop Harmony AustraliaVictorian RegionVic
Hard YakkaHigh Altitude Harmony IncToowoombaQld
InsightCornerstone Chorus Gold Coast Inc Qld
Just One MoreBarbershop Harmony AustraliaTasmanian RegionTasWomens
KephiBarbershop Harmony AustraliaEastern RegionNSWWomens
LuminousBarbershop Harmony AustraliaSunshine RegionQldWomens
Magenta SkiesBarbershop Harmony AustraliaTasmanian RegionTasWomens
Mates RatesBrisbane River City Clippers Barbershop Chorus IncBrisbaneQldSenior
MatineeBarbershop Harmony AustraliaVictorian RegionVic
MenagerieBarbershop Harmony AustraliaTasmanian RegionTasWomens
Mixed NutsThe Baden Street Singers IncPerthWAMixed
Mixed SignalsBarbershop Harmony AustraliaVictorian RegionVicMixed
MoonriseGold Coast Harmony IncGold CoastQldWomens
Moving PartsBarbershop Harmony AustraliaWestern RegionWAWomens
Ms FitsBarbershop Harmony AustraliaEastern RegionNSWWomens
Optional SnackSydney Harmony IncSydneyNSW
Out of the BlueBrisbane River City Clippers Barbershop Chorus IncBrisbaneQldSenior Mixed
OvercastGold Coast Harmony IncGold CoastQldYouth Mixed
PaceMakersFleurieu Harmony IncChristies BeachSASenior
Pacemakers PlusFleurieu Harmony IncChristies BeachSASenior
ParamountBarbershop Harmony AustraliaWestern RegionWA
Perfectly NormalCanberra Harmony Chorus IncCanberraACTWomens
Pillow FightBrisbane River City Clippers Barbershop Chorus IncBrisbaneQldMixed
Pitchin' InCanberra Harmony Chorus IncCanberraACTWomens
Plead the FifthSydney Harmony IncSydneyNSWYouth
QuadraphonicThe Baden Street Singers IncPerthWAMixed
Quattro FormaggiSouth Central Harmony IncAdelaideSA
Saved by the Bell ChordsBrisbane River City Clippers Barbershop Chorus IncBrisbaneQld
ScallywagsThe Melbournaires Barbershop Chorus IncMelbourneVic
ShenanigansBrindabella Chorus IncCanberraACTWomens
SkylarkBarbershop Harmony AustraliaWestern RegionWAWomens
Southern Gents Hobart Men's Barbershop Harmony Club IncHobartTas
Spare KeysBrindabella Chorus IncCanberraACTWomens
Taking NotesBarbershop Harmony AustraliaCentral RegionSASenior Womens
Ten Cents FlatVox Canvas ClubNSWNSW
The Electric BarbercatsBarbershop Harmony AustraliaPerthWA
The LocksmithsGold Coast Harmony IncGold CoastQld
The Oh Geez Barbershop Harmony AustraliaCentral RegionSA
The Pink DiamondsGold Coast Barbershop Harmony Club IncGold CoastQldWomens
The ResomancersThe Baden Street Singers IncPerthWA
Three Best FriendsBarbershop Harmony Club Of Canberra IncCanberraACT
Three Squirrels and a NutBrisbane River City Clippers Barbershop Chorus IncBrisbaneQldMixed
Treble MakersBarbershop Harmony AustraliaEastern RegionNSWWomens
TympaniBarbershop Harmony AustraliaVictorian RegionVicWomens
VignetteBarbershop Harmony AustraliaVictorian RegionVicWomens
Vintage FusionHills Harmony Chorus IncorporatedSydneyNSWSenior
What Four? Why Not?Hills Harmony Chorus IncorporatedSydneyNSWSenior Mixed
What's the character limiBarbershop Harmony AustraliaCentral RegionSAYouth
Zimmer-MamasBarbershop Harmony AustraliaCentral RegionSASenior Womens