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National convention-winning choruses can be found on our Past Champions page.

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Chorus Area of operation State Web site Category
Adelaide Allsorts Harmony Chorus  www.adelaideallsorts.orgMixed
Adelaide Vocal Union  avu.org.au 
Bayside Harmony  www.baysideharmony.org.au 
Between the Bays Harmony Chorus  www.melbournaires.com 
Blenders Youth Chorus  www.youth.theblenders.com.auYouth
Brisbane River City Clippers  www.rivercityclippers.org.au 
Canberra Chordsmen  www.canberrachordsmen.org.au 
Deep South  www.hmbhc.intas.net 
Festival Statesmen Chorus  www.festivalstatesmen.com.au 
Festival Statesmen Youth Chorus  www.festivalstatesmen.com.auYouth
Fleurieu Harmony Chorus  www.fleurieuharmony.org 
High Altitude Harmony  www.haharmony.com.au 
Hills Harmony  www.hillsharmony.com.au 
Melbournaires Harmony Chorus  www.melbournaires.com 
Men In Harmony  www.meninharmony.com.au 
Miner Chords  www.minerchords.com.au 
Novatones Harmony Chorus  www.novatones.org.au 
Penrith Harmony  www.penrithharmony.com 
Sound Connection  www.soundconnection.com.au 
Sounds of A-Chord    
SOUNDWAVES  www.soundwaveschorus.org 
Southern Lights Chorus    
Southside Harmony Chorus  www.southsideharmony.org 
Sydney Harmony  www.sydneyharmony.com.au 
SydneySiders Express  www.sydneysiders.org 
The Baden Street Singers   Mixed
The Blenders  www.theblenders.com.au 
The Darlingdownsmen    
The Misty Mountain Moonshiners   Senior
The Silvertones  www.hmbhc.intas.net 
The Sunshine Statesmen  www.sunshinestatesmen.org.au 
Vocal Evolution  www.vocalevolution.com 
Vocal Evolution Youth Chorus  www.vocalevolution.comYouth
Vox Canvas  www.voxcanvas.com.au 
Westcoast Chordsmen  westcoastchordsmen.org.au 
Western Melbourne Men's Chorus    
WMBS Chorus