Contest Entry Forms

All contest entries  are now facilitated online via

Regional Contests 

Qualifying contests are held each year at Regional Contests ( to qualify quartets to compete in the National Contest.

Each quartet will need to be properly registered with BHA and its members will need to be fully financial members of BHA as of the date of entry to the Regional Contest.
Regional Contests will take place during the period April - June 2023 and qualifiers for the National Contest announced on or about 30 June 2023.

Invitational Choruses and Quartets may also enter Regional contests but will need to contact the relevant CA if needing assistance with entry.  Check with each region for their local arrangements.

Entering a contest is on the assumption you have read the relevant Standing Orders and understand the conditions of competing.

Quartets and Choruses should check Standing Order 6 for eligibility criteria to enter various BHA contests in 2023.

Please contact the BHA Executive Officer, Jeannie Hattendorff ( to register your quartet (if not registered already) and ensure your individual quartet member BHA memberships are financial and up to date. This needs to be completed well in advance before an entry is possible into a contest.

Similarly BHA Chorus membership needs to be up to date.

If you haven’t used the contest entry portal before, please note it is a two-step process to set up the user login.   Remember – only one person per ensemble needs to access and complete the entry.

Please contact the Contest Administrator assigned to the relevant regional contest and/or, Linda Vinall ( if you have any questions about entering your Regional Contest.
Please note the closing date for your regional contests.  

Contest Group Contest Start Date End Date Entries Open Entries Close CA CA Email
CR 2023 All 29 Apr 2023 29 Apr 2023 26 Mar 2023 15 Apr 2023 Linda Vinall
WR 2023 All 13 May 2023 13 May 2023 31 Mar 2023 06 May 2023 John Faris
ER 2023 All 20 May 2023 20 May 2023 08 Apr 2023 23 Apr 2023 Angie Schonegger
SR 2023 All 27 May 2023 27 May 2023 26 Mar 2023 12 May 2023 Linda Vinall
TR 2023 All 02 Jun 2023 02 Jun 2023 19 Apr 2023 18 May 2023 Kevin Day
VR 2023 All 03 Jun 2023 03 Jun 2023 18 Mar 2023 20 May 2023 Aaron Hewitt

Video Entries:  in the case of last-minute illness or other valid reason for not being able to compete in person at a regional, a request for a video entry must be made via the Contest Administrator.   All video entries will be judged as part of the TR regional contest.  All approved submissions must be in accordance with Standing Order7

Please contact VP Contest & Judging, Ian Mulholland ( if you have any other general questions about contests or the judging process.