Contest Entry Forms

All contest entries  are now facilitated online via

Regional Contests 

Please remember that BHA Quartets needs to be “registered” each year with BHA Admin (email)  and that all singing members of men’s and mixed ensembles need to be up to date financial members of BHA before entering the contest. 

Entering a contest is on the assumption you have read the relevant Standing Orders and understand the conditions of competing.

If you haven’t used the contest entry portal before, please note it is a two-step process to set up the user login.   Remember – only one person per ensemble needs to access and complete the entry.

Any enquires about this – please read the Help information first before contacting John Faris or the assigned CA for your region.

Please note the closing date for your regional contests. 

They have been set to allow the CA to complete the relevant checks and draws in order to communicate to you in a timely manner.

Video Entries.   This is provided for those who with a valid reason cannot compete at their regional contest.  Please ensure you contact Linda Vinall before seeking to enter/transfer to this contest as there are specific conditions that must be met before you seek to record your entry.