BHA Membership Review Update

BHA Membership Review Update
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Posted By: Dan Millgate
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Date Posted: Fri, 17 Jul 2020


Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic facing Australia and the world, we continue to progress with the BHA Membership Review and the task of developing a full understanding of the issues important to all members.

The BHA Membership Review Survey saw a significant percentage of our members respond, representing a broad cross-section of clubs and age groups.

The quantitative data will be forwarded to members in the near future, and the qualitative responses analysed for key issues.  Some of this data was presented at the
BHA Online Town Hall on Friday 19th June, a recording of which is available on the BHA YouTube Channel.

We recognise that the recent member survey was based on a series of questions and topics, and that sometimes people seek other avenues or formats to provide their feedback. As promised, we aim to collect input and data from as many different avenues and methods as we possibly can.

Therefore, we are now seeking individual submissions from BHA members and associates on perspectives and issues related to the membership review, challenges that we must face, concerns and reservations that may be held, potential solutions for transition and future options and proposals to address viable pathways for the future.

Your open submissions should be forwarded to the VP Membership via email to by Friday 7th August 2020, in any form you wish - by email, a Word document, a link to a shared resource - whatever is easy for you.

These submissions will be considered with the survey data and other feedback through forums and research, to develop a comprehensive summary of the information gathered and likely scenarios indicated, and the structure of operations required to facilitate each scenario.

The outcomes delivered will then be used in a further round of consultation commencing with another BHA Online Town Hall dedicated to this topic in August 2020.

Given the organisational challenges of dealing with the pandemic, we are a month or two behind our original timeline. However, the BHA National Council is still working diligently to progress the review, and plans remain in place to present recommendations for the future to the AGM in December. In the meantime, it is important to reiterate that no decision on outcomes has yet been reached.

Should you have any questions or comments please direct them via email to: or

Please stay safe and look after each other.

Yours in harmony,

Dan Millgate
Barbershop Harmony Australia