Tongue Twisters

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Posted By: Dick Bushell
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Date Posted: Tue, 18 Dec 2018

I hope this is a suitable submission.

It is a list of 41 Tongue Twisters, varying in length and degree of difficulty.

Gathered from various sources over the years, my dad to tought "The Art of Oral Communication" at the Orange Tech College in the 60's. Any search on the Internet would bring many more to light.

This is a "Teaching Resource" for our chorus, we are a mixed chorus hence the reference to eye liner!!

The Introduction page explains Why? Tongue Twisters.

Please find the attachment.

If any chorus or individual Barbershopper would like to have this as a teaching resource, I would be happy to email it as a 'Word' document or PDF for personal use.

My Email Address is:
and Mobile No: 0438 277 900

If you would like more info or re suitablity please Email or call me.

Yours in harmony,

Lionel Eastwood.

P.S. The 'Integrated Exercise Program' referenced is a fully scripted 12week program, that may be suitable for 'serialization' in future newsletters.