Blenders Set the Tone at Walkley Awards 2016

Blenders Set the Tone at Walkley Awards 2016
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Posted By: Dick Bushell
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Date Posted: Fri, 16 Dec 2016
The Walkley Awards for excellence in Journalism have been happening since 1956 when the then head of Ampol Petroleum, Sir William Walkley, set up the first five categories to celebrate and encourage great journalism in Australia.  Sixty years later in 2016, the Blenders were selected to kick off the night on December 2nd at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.  It is fair to say we were chuffed at the invitation and jumped at the chance to perform for the cream of Australian Journalists in a televised national event like this.  The Blenders turned up in strong numbers and delivered two tunes in warm tone and our new balanced sound.  For sure we loved it but there is nothing quite as gratifying as a satisfied customer with the organiser of the event writing to us after the event.
“You were wonderful.  You sang with such spirit and passion; it was felt throughout the room.  The Blenders set the scene for a warm and welcoming event; True Queensland style.” [Extract from Organiser’s email]
This is a great close out to a series of great Blender new experiences this year including singing “Stairway to Heaven” with a rock band at the Beta Awards, Singing with the Brisbane Salvation Army Temple Band conducted by Blindside’s Tim Green, and Flash Mobbing at the Palazzo Versace during a major Tourism Conference.  It is awesome to sing and hang with a bunch of mates who are up for anything.
VIP Christmas Show
The following night of December 3rd, the Blenders annual Voices in Paradise Christmas Concert was held where members of the public can spend a day working on several songs and perform with the Choir at the concert that evening.  The concert was a great night with a strong line up including Blenders, BYC, our associate Griffith Health choir Serotonin, our associated Adeline’s chorus Coastal Charisma and quartets Major Espace, Upgrade and Blindside.  Of particular note was Blindside who performed with Upgrade lead Jonathan Albertini on baritone blending beautifully with gold medallists Trent, Gareth and Tim. 
In the VIP space, Blenders are already well into planning for the mid-year 2017 VIP youth weekend which continues to grow as we host young men and women in coaching sessions focused on A Capella singing.  Watch out for the concert if you are around the Gold Coast in May, it is always an amazing event.
Blenders Christmas
Blenders have recently performed at the Broadwater Parklands for the Sunsoakers 2016 event with a lovely delivery of our Christmas and Entertainment material well received by the Gold Coast crowd.  This is followed by singing at the Gold Coast University Hospital on 12th December and a couple of gigs in the Surfer Paradise mall precinct.  These are all great fun as we connect with the people of our home region, entertaining the crowds of tourists and locals along with some brotherly beer and snacks afterwards.  Aaahh, now that’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, Blenders style.  To all the BHA members, thank you all for an awesome 2016 and a great Newcastle convention.  May you all have a harmonious and safe time with your loved ones and look forward to catching up with you in Sydney 2017.
Steve Irwin Day at Australia Zoo
As is done every year at Australia Zoo, the tragic loss of Steve Irwin is celebrated on his birthday, November 15th.  The Blenders have been there every year as well singing the anthem and unofficial Aussie anthems like “Home amongst the gum trees” and “True Blue” featuring John Leahy on guitar and Owen Buckley on lead vocals.  We then spend the day wandering the zoo grounds singing for the people and animals and generally having a damn good time.
Blenders People

With our strong desire to continue growing the chorus, MT has recently welcomed two new members Michael Ha and Steve McMurray to our ranks.  New President, Damon Newman, taking the reins from our October AGM was on hand with former President and membership dynamo Doug Goetze to welcome the new members.  Another great young Bass and an awesome experienced Baritone are added and the choir continues to grow in quality and quantity.
Finally, the Blenders wish to pay tribute to Charles Csabi, who has retired from the Blenders after many years of adding sweet Tenor magic onto the melody and harmony of our choir.  He was up for a laugh and a great sing and we are proud to have had him in our ranks.  Maybe we can get him up for a sing every now and then after one of our concerts.
Merry Christmas, in Heart and Harmony, the Blenders

Tom Lawson - Secretary