Type of post: Club news
Status: Current
Date Posted: Sun, 23 Oct 2016



Coincidences do happen, and it was probably one of those that impacted on the numbers from Melbourne. The Newcastle convention fell on the same day there was, to the AFL, a rather important football game on at the MCG.

It would appear that Victoria, and indeed many from other States, have not yet prioritised prominent events like football and barbershop. Unfortunately numbers were down and the Melbournaires became a small chorus once again. Nevertheless they equipped themselves well, especially with their presentation package put together by our own Clive Metz just two weeks before leaving. In fact, one of the judges, Joe Ceruti, MD of the Alexandria Harmonisers, mentioned our set-up in the Harmony classes that followed, as the most memorable event of the Chorus competition. Unfortunately, as our MD Ian Lushey said, we failed to put in a musical performance to match.

Other highlights of the convention as seen by Ian were the amazing win by Vocal Evolution after they were unable to obtain copyright for their competition song just three weeks before they were due on stage, and had to write and learn a parody within those three weeks, and the headline act Forefront, who, apart from outstanding performances, were very generous with their time and work.

One of the Melbournaires had been a member for four months, hence his first convention. He was in awe of the performers and was happy to mix and learn what he could about barbershop singing. As a bass singer, George was in his element when he met the bass singer of Forefront, an experience he will treasure. His love of barbershop has increased enormously, and younger members like him will embellish the chorus and improve its standing for years to come.

"Old timers" like our top quartet Boardwalk, also got much from the convention (apart from heavy bonding), so Newcastle and all its representatives can be very proud of the programmes it offered and the excellent impression it left with all participants and visitors. Job well done to you all.


Terry Phillips