Brisbane River City Clippers

Brisbane River City Clippers
Type of post: Club news
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Date Posted: Sun, 23 Oct 2016
The Brisbane River City Clippers Chorus is celebrating its 25th anniversary, “the Clippers” were formed in 1991 to compete in the first National Convention of Barbershop Singers held in July 1991. At that time, we competed with just 12 singers. At one time, we numbered over 70, and now our membership is around 30, we are a chorus who sing for our own enjoyment, and perform at a variety of functions and events.

The primary focus of our chorus is entertainment, but also we continue to strive to improve in our craft. This year’s convention in Newcastle provided us the means to measure our current level of skill and work diligently towards improvement.

The clippers will be celebrating our 25th year by staging a concert and have invited  all former members to this memorable event
David Spillane  VP Marketing

A longing & song found

My passion for singing was deep but well hidden, only surfacing at church on Sunday. People often would comment on my singing from my seat, never on stage and with some encouragement (ok more than I'm willing to admit) I joined the church choir and signed up for their end of year Christmas production.  This has being my only singing experience, but what I lack in experience I make up in for my passion to learn, grow and stretch.

I longed to be in a quartet singing anything really, and it was my end goal to have a solo opportunity.
My wife, who challenges me at the best of times, made it her goal to find a group or quartet for me to join, and she found the Brisbane River City Clippers in February of this year 2016. The BRCC is directed by Richard Reeve, who I feel makes it his personal passion and mission to invest and understand everyone personally and individually, adding direction, experience, and wisdom to us and our chorus.

Not taking no for an answer, she signed me up and pushed me well out of my comfort zone to attend a Tuesday night Meet Up.

Wow! was my first impression, as far out of my comfort zone that I was, this was beginning, the starting platform of my short amazing journey. Not only have I learnt so much in a short amount of time with both performing in, and watching everyone at our BHA National Conference. The friendship, and male camaraderie also has inspired and challenged me to be a better me.

I know I'm very green (and one of the youngest in the group, at 46 years) but I am passionate and excited to start my own quartet and would love to be competing alongside the best at future BHA Nationals. A revelation I had at national which may be obvious to many experienced singers is the importance of quartets in a chorus.

The BHA National Results showed the top 9 quartets were affiliated with the top 3 choruses and all but 1 of the top 19 quartets were affiliated with the top 5 choruses. It’s no coincidence that the choruses with more quartets are generally more successful because of the enormous amount quartetting teaches you about the genre.

As my wife pushed me out of my comfort zone, I really encourage you ALL to jump out of your comfort zone and try singing in a quartet’s even if only in the safety and privacy of  your own chorus. Most of us wont jump unless we have someone to jump with or we are pushed.

Richard’s vast experience, range and talent resulted in his quartet winning third position at the BHA Nationals this year. It is this leadership and talent that I wish to thrive on to grow my own quartet.

I am striving and super passionate for OUR chorus to be the best WE can be and encourage ALL of US to do whatever WE can personally to contribute to building on to achieve that.

By jumping out of our comfort zones and promoting quartetting within our chorus, we have the amazing opportunity to attract and grow new people within the BHA community which will result in performing and entertaining our community’s with the amazing music we make.

So who will jump with me and promote quarteting within chorus?.

Damian Jones