Quartet News - Silver Fox - April 2016

Quartet News - Silver Fox - April 2016
Type of post: Quartet news
Status: Current
Date Posted: Fri, 15 Apr 2016

“Silver Fox”? How did we get that name ? Well the little bit of hair we have left is silver and Barrie, our tenor, is as cunning as a fox.
What a journey it’s been. We have been singing together since 1999 and as a quartet since 2006. In that time we have been invited and stayed at 35 country towns. During droughts we have been able to bring cheer to a large number of people. Some towns we have visited, 2-3 times and we’ve been to Junee 7 times for their “Rhythm & Rail Festival in March. The country people like us and we love them. We don’t charge, they put us up for a few nights (with our wives) and we entertain the whole town.
We average 40 performances a year both in the city and the country. These include churches, shopping centres, hospitals, nursing homes, service clubs, schools, live theatre, local radio and television, Sky News at Darling Harbour, Correctional Centres, on trains, weddings and many other venues.
Are we any good??. Maybe not by competition standards but we have a big fan base because we entertain our audiences. We are a package deal ...the quartet sings, Mal’s wife, Barb, is a story teller, and Mal recites his original poems. No matter how good you are people don’t really enjoy hearing ten barbershop songs in a row. They like variety; something in between songs.
Now, here is a “Silver Fox” challenge…….
Is there, in Australia, any quartet who’ve been performing continually for over ten years?
Are there any quartets that are older?
David Auld 82
Barrie Burns 80
Michael Collett 78
Mal Castledine 75
Total Years 315
In 2008 “silver Fox” received an award for their services to the rural community from
MP Phillip Costa & MP Tony Kelly.
Our thoughts….. Sing for yourself, sing for your mates but more importantly….sing for the community.
Barrie and David are still members of The Penrith City Harmony. Mal and Barb are members of Glenbrook Community choir and all of us our respective church choirs.
It’s good to sing!
Michael Collett