Pan-Pacific Conventions

Pan-Pacific Conventions
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Posted By: Dick Bushell
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Date Posted: Fri, 15 Apr 2016
New Memorandum of Understanding signed between BHA and BHNZ

Previously, under an informal understanding between BHA, BHNZ and Hawaii, Pan-Pacific Conventions have been run every 3 or 4 years since 1994, rotating between New Zealand, Hawaii and Australia.

Hawaii has been a difficult location for Australians to get to (mainly due to the cost), and Hawaii has struggled to get numbers to Australian PanPacs. Recently, Hawaii indicated that they may be unable to meet their anticipated rotation for 2017.  BHA and BHNZ wish to continue to run PanPacs, and with Hawaii’s understanding, have entered into an MOU to operate future PanPacs.
 Massed sing at the last PanPac in Wellington NZ in 2014
The goals of PanPac Conventions are to:
  • Foster and encourage barbershop singing, providing contest opportunities together with educational, social and recreational activities, including Harmony College/University.
  • Provide contestants the opportunity to compete in a contest with more than one country.
  • ?Provide the opportunity for BHA and BHNZ contestants to achieve International Qualification from their respective Association.  
PanPac Conventions will alternate in future, between Australia and New Zealand, with participation from all countries bordering the Pacific and/or Australia invited (i.e. Japan, West Coast USA, Asia etc.). Each Association may run its own National contest (with associated medals and awards) within the combined PanPac contest.
The 2017 PanPac Convention will be held in Sydney, Australia, with subsequent locations to be agreed, typically three years in advance (the 2020 PanPac is likely to be held in Auckland, New Zealand). When agreed between BHA and BHNZ, a PanPac could be held outside of Australasia.
We look forward to continuing our barbershop brotherhood across the ditch!
Ian Mulholland  
BHA President