Quartet Qualifiers for Melbourne

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Posted By: Ian Mulholland
Status: Current
Date Posted: Mon, 22 Jun 2015
Quartet qualifying scores for the 2015 National Convention and Contest in Melbourne have now been determined, after review and recommendation by the Contest Administrator and endorsement by the BHA National Council.
  1. Nine (9) Youth quartets have qualified for the Youth contest with a score of >50%. The Youth quartet contest will be held on Wednesday 16 September, and is a separate event to the main quartet contest.
  2. Thirty three (33) Open quartets have qualified for the Open quartet contest to be held on Friday 18 September, with the cut-off score set at => 61.0%. This is above our quota of 30 quartets, but several scores around the cut-off mark were considered not to be statistically different. This continues BHA’s policy of inclusiveness where possible.
  3. Four (4) of the Open quartets are Senior quartets, and an additional seven (7) Senior quartets scored >50% and therefore qualify for the Senior quartet contest, making a total of 11 quartets in the Senior category which will be held concurrently with the Open quartet contest.
  4. Six (6) Mixed quartets qualified with a score >50%, and the mixed quartet contest will be held concurrently with the Open quartet contest on Friday 18 September.
The list of quartet qualifiers is attached.
Some other interesting facts. Ten (10) Open quartets scored >70%, with an additional two (2) Mixed quartets >70%. Twenty Seven (27) quartets (including 2 Senior and 3 Mixed) scored >65%. All quartets that qualified for the Youth category also qualified for the Open (i.e. scored >61%).
Ian Mulholland (President), and Linda Vinall (Contest Administration Specialist), on behalf of
Alex Morris (Chairman of Judges) and Vicki Donnelly (National Contest Administrator)