Eddie Martinez Sunday coaching session is a hit! - SOUNDWAVES

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Posted By: Frank Shapcott
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Date Posted: Mon, 1 Sep 2014
Keiran, hi!
Following are my recollections from Eddie Martinez's action-packed coaching session, in summary:

1. No singing happens without movement.
(By way of contrast, imagine the best singing coming from a statue-like , lifeless performer, standing still on  stage. It doesn't engage , it doesn't entertain, it just doesn't cut it !)

2. The warm up session, even the familiar 5-chord change, should be a performance
The physical stretching exercises can be accompanied by singing, emphasising the above.

3. The RESTATE , a movement forward, and upward , means something
It means I'm here, ready, willing, wanting to sing and entertain you, the audience.
It must be absolutely second nature,as natural as breathing, everytime we breathe to sing a phrase.

4. "Forward singing" is a necessary part of our sound,
balanced by the more resonant quality which many singers find easier to produce. This brightness in the voice helps produce those memorable ringing chords we aim for.

5. Singing the 'EE' vowel
is best achieved, by yes the North-South set of the mouth we have been taught, but with a slight smile to produce a softer, more resonant sound.

6. A look of pleasant surprise on the face
enhances the sound and the presentation.

7. The teeth being visible as we sing,
especially the 'AH' vowel , improves sound production.

8. A ballad, like 'May I Never Love Again', requires  thoughtful, thorough preparation.
Often the notes are not sustained by adequate breathing : the result, the singing falls flat,  
emotional intensity is lost.

7. Try the suggesions above and LISTEN. 
Do you notice a difference ? Practice will give the ability to recognise the an improvement, and reproduce it

There were other pieces of advice , like Vowel matching , Feet position on the risers, Knowing the notes, Moving the feet, Using your space on the risers, Incorporating a tai-chi like continuous feeling to your sound, even physically doing this movement, (although we seem inhibited to actually follow this advice yesterday !) and others which may come to mind later.

Throughout (the session) Eddie maintained his dedication to improving our singing, sustained by an enthusiasm truly wonderful. As the character in the film said : "I'll have some of what he's having !" As another coach said to us "Singing well is fun".

Yours in Harmony,
Frank Shapcott