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High Altitude Harmony
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Posted By: Dick Bushell
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Date Posted: Sat, 20 Jun 2020

Well, it drags on doesn’t it. Listening to the members of the entertainment and music world on the TV and radio it seems as though we are going to be the last members of the Australian public that will be allowed to resume singing and entertaining.

In our last article I wrote about our attempts to rehearse via Zoom to try and provide some continuity for our chorus. Most of our members have been attending rehearsals with a few exceptions, mainly due to bad internet connections.

At Fireside Chat last week I asked those attending if they would mind putting their thoughts on this new way of doing things on paper to share with our barber shop mates. Here are a few of their thoughts.

  • Probably the biggest pandemic issue for a man with severe back spasms is trying to join weekly chorus Zoom rehearsals. I am delighted with the way the guys have taken to virtual rehearsals and it clearly shows the need for the social as well as the learning opportunities as we move ever closer to a face to face resumption.

  • Overall, I have really enjoyed the Covid restrictions. It has felt like a great time to reflect on how frenetic our lives are. I have missed meeting up with everyone and singing together. I don't enjoy the Zoom sessions at all and don't find them useful.

  • My favourite story about our Zoom rehearsals has been seeing people, myself included, trying to use the virtual backdrop and end up being a disembodied head floating in the middle of the picture.

  • I guess the worst thing is the huge disruption to the life we knew and the uncertainty about when and if we may return to "normal". Perhaps that may never happen but I think we should try to return to our way of life before Covid as soon as we can.

  • For me it has been business as usual as far as working hours. The new environment has meant a lot of new and innovative ways of communication and overall been very mentally exhausting. Zoom rehearsal has been an encouraging alternative to meeting face to face in the current circumstances.

  • I'd just like to say I am enjoying our Zoom rehearsals and I think it is impressive that we have "virtually" learnt a new song and it will be interesting to hear when we can eventually put it together in person. It has also been great to keep up the social contact.

  • Mine won't be very exciting though, because other than HAH moving to Zoom rehearsals, not much changed for me.  My bosses still wanted some key people in the office to keep things ticking over. The drive to work and the office environment were a bit quieter for a few weeks.  We were a lot busier than usual, but that was more,  due to tax deadlines than Covid. The only real drama was that emails seemed to multiply at obscene levels & the phones rang non-stop. 

  • As good as Zoom has been, I think the main issue I have had, and will continue to have, is not being able to shake hands. My late grandfather always held out his hand on every visit I made and his grip was firm.

  • Zoom has helped us to stay together. Communication, including before and after banter helps to keep the group alive.

  • Trying to fix a webcam and microphone for my desktop was impossible. I used alaptop but, most ot the town was watching Netflix and I kept dropping out. Eventually my Ipad got me through to the end of the night.

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Paddy Boxall
Virtual Secretary