High Altitude Harmony

High Altitude Harmony
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Posted By: Dick Bushell
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Date Posted: Tue, 18 Feb 2020

Well, did you all out there in barbershop land keep up with your vocal excercises over the Christmas break? I know I intended to but, a stint in hospital submitting to the surgeon’s knife sort of let me down. And then when I was back in the arms of my family I was very hoarse for a couple of weeks as a consequence of having a breathing tube down my throat for some time. Which makes singing a bit difficult.

I rejoined the chorus a bit behind the rest of the boys and am now playing catch-up. We are working on a couple of new songs for this year and all the boys are very keen. 

We appointed Grant van Heerden as Assistant MD late last year and he is not only keeping us guessing with his hand waving which we are unused to but working us hard. Not content with those duties he keeps our weekly rehearsal schedule on song, sources interesting DVD’s, sheet music, learning tracks and runs the after supper glee club. He is heading down to Rathmines in NSW to the Eastern Region Harmony College to brush up on his barbershopping skills shortly.

Like a lot of Australia we have been experiencing drought conditions and this past few days has seen the rains starting to come in. The change in the sight of our part of the world from brown to green, the lightened atmosphere in the general population is something to see. We are truly blessed to live where we do.

The other evening one of our very early members, Bob Pearce met up with some of the chorus at Mike Ludwig’s place for some refreshments and a bit of a singalong. Bob’s wife Patrice has been unwell for quite some time and Bob has been unable to keep up his attendance with HAH. It was lovely to see him and and keep our frienship alive.

As usual we will post interesting stuff on our web-site, haharmony.com.au Check it out. And don’t forget to visit us on Facebook.

Paddy Boxall