Have your say about BHA!

Have your say about BHA!
Type of post: News
Posted By: Dick Bushell
Status: Current
Date Posted: Sun, 26 Apr 2020


As members would be aware, we are currently undertaking a thorough investigation and consultation with regards to the future membership of BHA, including a response to the Barbershop Harmony Society’s Everyone in Harmony membership strategy.

All Members (including Life, Full, Associate and Youth) have now been emailed to their BHA registered email an important survey to complete by 12 May 2020 which forms an important component of the membership consultation for the review.

If you have not received this email please confirm your BHA registered email and check your email server spam folder. If you are still unable to locate the survey please email membership@barbershop.org.au


  • In response to requests from a cohort of interested members, the BHA National Council committed at the 2019 BHA Festival Members’ Forum to instigate a thorough investigation and consultation process (the Review) with regards to the future membership of BHA, including a response to the Barbershop Harmony Society’s Everyone in Harmony membership strategy          
  • The Council will undertake the Review process in 2020 and present recommendations to the 2020 BHA Annual General Meeting for ratification. The scope of these recommendations may include outcomes from “no change” to any combination of membership and operational changes.


  • The Review will include, but is not limited to, an exploration of all facets of membership and the implications of governance, member entitlements, association officers, association structure, operational structures, competition structures, participation, partnerships and relationships with international barbershop associations.                                                                                      

  • The recommendations will be formed within the BHA strategic intent of Enriching Australia Through Harmony and will reflect with respect and integrity the majority wishes of the registered full members of the Association.


  • The process for the Review will include a robust dialogue with current BHA members and stakeholders.

Phase 1: Scan (February/April 2020)

  • Full understanding of the issues important to all members will be obtained through multiple channels of membership engagement that allows members time to contribute to future recommendations. These multiple channels will include:                                                                   
    • Survey: a combination of open and closed questions gathering insights on the key issues that will require consideration in developing a comprehensive basis for future recommendations;                                                                                                             
    • Forums: BHA National Council members will meet with regions and clubs to gather feedback on concerns and reservations and provide opportunities of support for potential future pathways;                                                                                                                             
    • Submissions: BHA members and associates will be invited to submit perspectives and issues to be addressed, potential solutions for transition and future options and proposals to address viable pathways;                                                                                                     
    • International research: BHA Council will seek the views and observations of international allies on the various challenges and status of their future direction and membership status.

Phase 2: Formulation (May / June 2020)

  • The BHA Council will meet to develop a comprehensive summary of the information gathered and likely scenarios indicated, and structures of operations required to facilitate each scenario.

Phase 3: Testing (July / August 2020)

  • Multiple viable and supported scenarios will be communicated to members and associates with comments with regard to implications and concerns. This will include:

    1.    Publishing of scenarios in draft form to all clubs;

    2.    Regional Forums held and BHA National Council members to gather direct feedback;

    3.    Surveys and polls with regard to the implications of each scenario.

Phase 4: Recommendations (September / October 2020)

  • Recommendations will be finalised and presented to members at regional forums, including the implications of any proposed change/s and plans for implementation.

Phase 5: Annual General Meeting vote (November 2020 to prepare for December 2020 AGM)

  • A formal motion covering a series of recommendations will be presented at the 2020 BHA AGM.    

    • The AGM will utilise online technology to ensure regions have the opportunity to fully participate.

    • Any vote will utilise a combination of pre-registered and online live voting.                          

    • Ratification or rejection will be subject to a 75% majority of those members who vote for any issue requiring a Constitutional change.
  • Any implementation timeframe will allow for a phased introduction while specific details are developed and for incremental adjustments within the scope of any approved change under Standing Orders developed to manage any approved change.

  • Council considered a draft budget for the Membership Options discussion that would allow for travel for consultation, as well as administrative and operational costs, which will be refined and approved formally by Council at an upcoming meeting.

  • Other issues being attended to include building a business case for the project and conducting a risk analysis. These items will accompany any recommendations to membership.

Questions, comments & feedback?

Email : president@barbershop.org.au or membership@barbershop.org.au

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