Melbournaires - “Look out!! The BarME Vics are coming.”

Melbournaires - “Look out!! The BarME Vics are coming.”
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Posted By: Dick Bushell
Status: Current
Date Posted: Mon, 21 Oct 2019

Sunday August 11th saw the first full rehearsal of the Melbournaires newest chorus, the Barbershop Mixed Ensemble Victoria under the direction of Traci Voss, MD of the Melbourne Chorus. At the time of writing there are approximately 17 men and 13 women in the chorus, and after being “whipped into shape” by voice parts, riser positions etc, the group is producing a lovely sound that you don’t hear in single gender choruses.

The BarME Vics is a temporary title but the initial aim is to compete in the 2020 BHA Vic Regional competition.

The ladies in the group come from the Melbourne Chorus, Vocal Vibes, East City Sound, and Southern Sounds which are the Sweet Adelines choruses in the metropolitan area.

The Melbournaires are proud to be involved in the development of a new dimension in Barbershop singing.
The Hobart Convention kicked off on the Tuesday with what became a highlight for many. The wonderful Alex Morris, together with the WA quartet Electric Barbercats, led a very large group of singers in learning a new version of the classic 1984 Hunters and Collectors song “Throw your Arms Around Me”. This song has had many iterations and covers, but never one like this. The result was a night-time spot on the local ABC TV.
With regard to the Melbournaires Harmony Chorus, four quartets performed, namely Sound Investment 65.7%, Boardwalk 64.6%, Around The Blend 68%, and looking resplendent in green ties and waistcoats, Fourtet scored a creditable 61.8% for a new and still evolving four.
Boardwalk was awarded a silver medal in the Seniors section, and mixed quartet Around the Blend won a bronze.

The Melbournaires Chorus scored 67.4% reflecting the time and effort, skills and patience of MD Ian Lushey, in maintaining this level of commitment. The objective and ultimate challenge is to consistently break the 70% mark, and if the chorus, with many new members, maintains its enthusiasm and desire for learning, undoubtedly progress will be forthcoming.

The convention, including the exquisite scenery surrounding Hobart, was enjoyed by all and contained many highlights. Our thanks to the BHA Convention Committee and especially the Hobart team responsible for the on-the-ground organizing. A warm welcome from a well-prepared convention.

Terry Phillips