AUGUST 2019 UPDATE - The Baden Street Singers

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Posted By: Matt Chung
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Date Posted: Fri, 23 Aug 2019

Lotterywest Grant

We are proud to announce that we're the beneficiaries of a grant from Lotterywest, which has been used to purchase our own choral risers for the ensemble. 

Newfangled Harmony Concert and School Workshop

The Newfangled Four with The Baden Street Singers

World-renowned comedy quartet, The Newfangled Four, flew in this week for an incredible one-night-only show! Thank you to all who attended our concert, which was a success, both creatively and financially.

The Baden Street Singers were the supporting act of the concert. In the week leading up to it, we co-operatively ran a school workshop with the quartet, under Nick Schurmann's direction. We also had some incredibly valuable coaching delivered to us (and some very silly hangouts in-between.)

Well done to the students who attended our workshop earlier in the week and especially to those who performed alongside us on the night!


We have continued to bolster our ranks with more singers! This year, to date, we’ve managed to add 13 more singers to our ensemble. Membership is at a record high and our sound has never been more unified.

Barbershop Harmony Festival: Quartets and Performance Times

We are preparing for the annual Australia Barbershop contest and convention in September, which will take place in Hobart this year! We’re bringing across two new arrangements, one of which is an original song written by our member, Julia Nicholls. Both charts were arranged by Nick Schurmann, our director. The Baden Street Singers will be performing Saturday, September 21st at 1155 hours (UTC +10:00). That's 1355 Perth time

Additionally, two of our quartets will be competing this year. They would be The Rats and The Resomancers. Quartet contests will take place Thursday, September 19th, with the Resomancers and the Rats on at 0905 hours (UTC +10:00) and 1419 hours (UTC +10:00) , respectively. Watch this space for a link to the webcast! We'll let you know via Facebook if we make it to the finals.

A quick part breakdown:

The Rats

Tenor: Julia Nicholls
Lead: Caitlin Telford
Baritone: Thomas Filmer
Bass: Nick Schurmann

The Resomancers

Tenor: Matt Chung
Lead: Matt Nichols
Baritone: Jeremy Skinner
Bass: Nick Schurmann

Yes, Nick has had a very busy year.

The Baden Street Singers In Concert: Save the Date

The venue has been booked - we'll be hosting our very own concert on Saturday November 23rd at Perth Modern. We'll keep you updated as to the specifics soon!

That's all for this month. I'll be back with a post-festival writeup next month!

Matt Chung
Media Officer

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