BHA 2018 Membership Survey Snippets - Education

BHA 2018 Membership Survey Snippets - Education
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Posted By: Dick Bushell
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Date Posted: Sun, 18 Aug 2019

The BHA National Council continues to work through the results of the 2018 BHA membership survey . We are referencing the information contained within the responses in consideration of the key strategies and objectives for BHA. This is in line with our strategic vision of Enriching Australia Through Harmony.

This time we are focusing on the importance of education.

When it comes to personal member satisfaction,

BHA's Music Education faculty visits are valuable to myself and my club”  tops our scores with 82% agreement followed by

BHA’s Music Educator resources are valuable to me” with a 67% agreement across our membership.  

This is hopefully contributing to the score for “my Club has good musical leaders” with a 90% agreement.   

We didn’t specifically survey musical leaders on their group satisfaction with the resources provided by BHA, but as always, we would love to get feedback on ways that we can continue to grow in this area.

Our premium opportunity for personal growth and education, Harmony Academy sees only 47% agreement that “Attending Harmony Academy is valuable to me”.  This is an area that we will continue to explore. The feedback that we have received from participants in the past few years continues to suggest it is an excellent opportunity and participants attest to significant personal breakthroughs (not to mention a whole lot of fun).  Certainly, the plans for the 2019 Harmony Academy in Hobart have an exceptional faculty, including the members of our visiting International Gold Medal quartet, Signature.

The evidence of our development within the key strategic objective of Educate may be demonstrated by the improvements in our open quartet qualification scores, with the 2019 qualification of 63.5 our highest ever level.   More importantly, the quality of our education relates to the quality of our ability to do the one thing we are all here for – to sing and ring those chords for the benefit of others!

We know there are still opportunities to grow our education offerings and effectiveness, and welcome feedback and innovations that can support our plans to Engage, Educate and Enjoy.

Paul Adams


Barbershop Harmony Australia