BHA Membership survey snippets

BHA Membership survey snippets
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Posted By: Dick Bushell
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Date Posted: Tue, 18 Jun 2019
BHA 2018 Membership Survey Snippets - Recognition

The BHA National Council continues to work through the results of the 2018 BHA membership survey. We are referencing the information contained within the responses in consideration of the key strategies and objectives for BHA. This is in line with our strategic vision of Enriching Australia Through Harmony.

This time we are focussing on recognition and it seems from the survey that it is not an issue of particular importance to our members.

Only 46% of respondents agree that “Recognition for Chorus Member of the Year is valuable to me” and we get the same score for our key member nominated recognition award, The BHA Medal.  On average there are another 35% who neither agree nor disagree, so less than 20%  say that such a recognition is a bad thing.

We have been pondering this result. Without the efforts of those people likely to be acknowledged through these recognitions, our clubs, communities and BHA would be the poorer for it.  We suspect that it may be just a characteristic of what is fundamental to our art form ie it is a collaborative pursuit and without others to create the harmony, we are simply soloists.  
So personal accolades are not what drives our members.

Similarly, the Club of The Year Award has a 42% agreement and 41% on the fence.  The vast majority of our members do it for the love of the artform, the pure enjoyment of ringing chords and benefiting their communities.

So do we simply pack away these types of programs?   

Within the council our answer is, not yet.  We would however love our membership to get behind these programs to lift their status.  That means nominations and information flowing in to allow those often quiet contributions to gain the recognition they deserve.

In addition, the opportunity to celebrate our history and the contribution of those who have helped BHA become what it is today remains important. We are investigating the possibility of a virtual Hall Of Fame for our website.   We would love your feedback on whether you think that would be worthwhile and, if you support this idea, what form it might take. Please email your suggestions to

We will continue to analyse the survey information and communicate the lessons we have learned as we move forward with our plans to Engage, Educate and Enjoy.

Paul Adams


Barbershop Harmony Australia