The BHA Medal Nominations - 2019

The BHA Medal Nominations - 2019
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Posted By: Dick Bushell
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Date Posted: Tue, 18 Jun 2019

The BHA National Council is pleased to call for nominations for the 2019 BHA Medal.

First awarded in 2017, the BHA Medal recognises an individual’s exemplary contribution to the advancement of barbershop in Australia.   It will be awarded to a current BHA member in good standing who has consistently “put in” for barbershop.

The award is made for sustained outstanding contribution which has resulted in an exemplary, transparent and publicly evident advancement of BHA. They will be recognised nationally for their sustained contribution for the association, their club, their community, or behind the scenes.    In limited circumstances, individuals may also be considered for nomination whilst no longer an active member due to retirement on the basis of incapacity.

The award is kindly sponsored by Derek Cosburn, and here is his advice with regards to the nomination:

Very soon we will be giving the 2019 "BHA Medal" to a selection of your choice.

If you have someone in mind who you reckon deserves recognition, and most of us have, then please:

1. Think about what that person continually does for the benefit of their fellow BHA members.  It can be for their chorus, quartet, state, or the nation.  In fact any reason is worth mentioning regarding they do when they "put in" their time and effort for the benefit of others. This is the one main reason for the existence of this medal, to acknowledge someone of your choice.

2. Get in touch with their partner and friends for extra/more information.  You can include their pre-BHA life for a more in depth idea of their commitment to people they are in contact with.

3. Think about re-nominating someone who had previously been nominated.   Let’s face it, if you believe they deserved your nomination in the past, they are probably still doing their thing for the benefit of us all and they will still deserve you nominating them again.

4. I think that all nominees are winners, so let us recognize them for you.

Sing-cerely. Derek.

The passion evident in Derek’s words convey the passion that many members hold for this wonderful barbershop community, so we encourage you to actively support this recognition.

So, if you wish to nominate someone, write it all down and send it to BHA Executive Officer, Jeannie Hattendorf, by close of business on Friday 9th August 2019.

Please ensure the nomination includes details of nomination, the rationale for nomination and supporting evidence, certification of the BHA members supporting the nomination and contact details for follow up with regards to the nomination.   Importantly, in relation to the nomination the evidence of the nominee’s contribution to the advancement of BHA needs to be clearly stated. 

Further details will be emailed directly to members and clubs in the coming weeks.   For clarification on any aspect of the BHA medal purpose or nomination process please contact VP Membership via email on

Yours in harmony

Paul Adams
Barbershop Harmony Australia