Would you like to become a Judge?

Would you like to become a Judge?
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Posted By: Dick Bushell
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Date Posted: Mon, 22 Apr 2019

The Australasian Guild of Barbershop Judges is seeking applications from people interested in joining the judging program

What does it take to be a judge?

Scoring Judges

If you are interested in being a judge in the Music, Performance, or Singing categories, you should have a strong desire to help our choruses and quartets become better singers, musicians, and performers.

You should have extensive experience and also be actively coaching and teaching barbershoppers.

You must also be experienced with competing yourself in barbershop competitions, either as a director and/or as a singer.  Your experience may likely include other areas outside of barbershop, such as arranging music, vocal production training, or work in theatre productions.

The Australasian Guild of Barbershop Judges (AGBJ) is looking for people who can quickly evaluate a performance, assess strengths and weaknesses, and provide instructive feedback, in an appropriate manner, within a short period of time.

Contest Administrators

If you have good organisational and project management skills, and excellent people and communication skills, you may be interested in serving as a Contest Administrator (CA).

The CA is responsible for the orderly management and operations of competitions, resulting in a successful experience for the competitor and audience.  You will be expected to have above average computer skills, along with the willingness to maintain and provide your own personal laptop for use at assigned contest events. 

CAs do not get the limelight, but they do get the satisfaction of making sure BHA & BHNZ competitions run smoothly.

For all Judges

In addition, you must have a mature attitude and professional demeanor, as well as the ability to make the time commitment needed to serve in this rewarding role.

You should be a person that people say right now, “You would make a great judge.” The best motivation for being a judge is having a strong desire to give back to the barbershop community.

There is nothing more satisfying than giving a performer a tool, a technique, an experience, or a pearl of wisdom that helps them improve and they now “get it.” If this sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place.

On the other hand, if you want to become a judge for the glamour and notoriety, you will be very disappointed!

Can everyone be a judge?

No. Each category is normally limited to a maximum of 8 individuals.

In addition, every certified judge must continue to meet the expectations and requirements that the AGBJ sets for all judges. We want to recruit and keep the best and the brightest – so that we can serve our competitors well.

However, every 3-year cycle we have judges who retire or need to step down, so we must always be prepared to replenish the ranks of every category to ensure we have the best possible judges to serve our BHA & BHNZ competitors.

What’s the next step?

The next AGBJ Judges School will be held in Auckland directly before the Pan Pacific Convention in 2020. Successful new candidate judges would be required to attend candidate training in the lead up to this school.

To express your interest in becoming a member of the AGBJ, please complete the form HERE.