Welcome to our newest members

Welcome to our newest members
Type of post: Club news
Sub-type: No sub-type
Posted By: Dick Bushell
Status: Current
Date Posted: Tue, 19 Feb 2019
Stan                Starkey            The Darlingdownsmen
George            Dyczynski         Men in Harmony Barbershop Chorus Inc
Tim                  McCumiskey     Fleurieu Harmony Inc
Andy              Gates                 Fleurieu Harmony Inc
Ron                 Graham             Wollongong Mens Barbershop Chorus Inc
Rob                 De Kok             Adelaide Allsorts Harmony Inc.
Jim                  Lister               Adelaide Allsorts Harmony Inc.
Andrew         Winter                Adelaide Allsorts Harmony Inc.
Peter              Lancashire         The Melbournaires Barbershop Chorus Inc
Russell           Grainger            Barbershop Harmony Club Of Canberra Inc
Colin               Bean                Central Coast Barbershop Chorus Inc
Trevor            Vandenberg       Central Coast Barbershop Chorus Inc
Peter              Ward                 South Central Harmony Inc.
Guy                 De Villiers        Sydney Harmony Inc.
Tom                Fitzsimons        Sydney Harmony Inc.
Sandy             Marriot             Ipswich A Cappella Harmony Club Inc
Dick                 Marriot            Ipswich A Cappella Harmony Club Inc
John               Banks               Southlakes Harmony Chorus Inc
Prema            Arasu                The Baden Street Singers Inc
Selena           Clohessy            The Baden Street Singers Inc
Matt               Grindrod           The Baden Street Singers Inc
Glen               Collins              Pivotal Point Harmony Inc.
Lionel             Kerr                  Pivotal Point Harmony Inc.
Mat                 Teese                Pivotal Point Harmony Inc.
Kelly               Shepard            Club at Large
Robert           Chapman            Southlakes Harmony Chorus Inc
Mike               Holm                 Sydney Harmony Inc.
Peter              Nikolic               Newcastle Harmony Club Inc