Discount for purchases from BHS

Discount for purchases from BHS
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Posted By: Dick Bushell
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Date Posted: Mon, 18 Feb 2019

Affiliate Discount Code Update

As you may know, BHA members are entitled to a 25% discount on the BHS Marketplace site – the same discount BHS members get. This discount applies to all clothing, merchandise, learning tracks, and printed sheet music.
Due to the increased cost of fees BHS must pay copyright holders and arrangers, discounts do not apply to digital sheet music. While this makes the price for digital sheet music slightly higher than printed music, the digital downloads are available immediately and there are no shipping charges. 
The BHA affiliate discount code for 2019 is:  
Enter this code in the Member # / Promo $ / Gift Certificate box at checkout.

More Music Available Internationally
BHS is continuously asking for worldwide rights when seeking copyright clearances. Although BHS does not always get approval, it may receive the rights to sell in some countries outside the US.

With the rollout of the new BHS website in 2018, the music pages have been updated to clearly indicate where the music can be sold. BHS now has more than 2,000 song titles that have some level of international availability. Click here to see all music with International Availability.

While any customer is able to view the entire music catalogue, if music is not licensed for Australia, BHA customers are unable to add that product to their cart.

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