In Praise of Baritones

Type of post: "In Harmony" Newsletter
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Posted By: Dick Bushell
Status: Current
Date Posted: Tue, 18 Dec 2018

1. Now in the past I’ve written verse both topical and witty Relating to the Barber-shopping scene I’ve covered many topics ‘bout conventions and the like But some folk say I’ve been a trifle mean

2. Occasionally, I’ve made remarks about my fellow songsters But I’ve always praised the Tenors from my heart However, in reflection, I admit, I have been cruel To the Baritones who sing the hardest part

3. Now why this is, I can’t explain – I’ve really no excuse But I’m not the only one who takes this view I’ve read so many articles and poems on the Web About the Baritones - so it must be true...!

4. Of course, I’m always kind when making mention of the Leads And the Basses, they produce such vibrant tones And although the Tenors surely are the greatest of them all Tonight, I wish to ‘Praise the Baritones’

5. I must admit I find it hard to think of things to say But I’m determined that the facts be told tonight So, here’s a few corrections which I’d like to offer you By which I hope to set the record right

6. It's no fun as a Bari when you're singing in the chorus Since you only have two notes or sometimes three But the Baris gathered here tonight are masters of their craft And they sing their rests in perfect harmony

7. No, No, don’t laugh, I’m really trying to be a decent chap And to make amends for what I’ve said before We’ve many Baris here tonight and each is made of gold I just wish that we could get a dozen more

8. Now, when we’re singing ballads or up-tunes or the like It’s the leads who’ll always give the music soul The tenors and the basses will provide such great support But the Baris have to fill in every hole

9. It isn’t easy, that’s for sure, or anyone could do it For a Bari’s lot is not an ‘appy one It’s tremendous that they all can sing this most amazing part When their average age is over eighty-one

10. Praise indeed for the Baritones who stand up here tonight Prepared to put their talents on parade It takes a nerve of steel to sing the Bari’s part you know And at least a couple here have made the grade

11. So, in conclusion, let me say I’ve really done my best To make amends to all the Baritones I’ve put them on a pedestal and praised them one and all Now, all we need from them – is overtones….!

Andrew Wright – © Dec 2018