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Posted By: Dick Bushell
Status: Current
Date Posted: Tue, 18 Dec 2018

Christmas only comes once a year, although the constant advertising, junk mail, retail sales, and e-mails, make it seem that once a year becomes all year long. The joy of Christmas however, has to be seen to be believed when the Melbournaires and partners and friends congregate to enjoy the company in a relaxed environment to sing with vitality and purpose. Of course the party atmosphere with accompanying raised glasses, ensures well-oiled vocal chords, but the chorus held it together well in a varied programme which included guitar accompaniment by Ralph Dodson for the unusual barbershop number “Africa”. This is a song that allows each member to have fun and emulate their ancestors from the African jungle.

The Christmas party was also a sounding board for an ever-increasing army of quartets. A friendly environment helps newly-formed groups to experience an audience and get valuable feedback. Our more experienced quartets, Sound Check, Harmonic Motion, Boardwalk, and Sound Investment for example, all sang with alacrity and provided beautiful harmonies for the others to enjoy. Our octet “Chordite” performed songs and laughter from their extensive comedic repertoire. To add to the laughter, our resident poet and allround chorus jester Andrew Wright, recited his latest piece, a thinly veiled intense dislike of baritones. His tongue-in-cheek jibes reflect his limited range as a tenor and his absolute awe at how a baritone can really enhance a performance.

The highlight of the evening was the presentation to the Barbershopper of the Year, which this year went to the well-deserved Lecky Webster. Always the bridesmaid never the bride, Lecky has been placed second many times and does so much for the chorus without needing recognition. A long-standing member and tenor mentor, Lecky has earned the respect of the entire cast.

The organisation for such a night requires many hard-working background helpers, and thanks must go to those members who always come to the party. The evening was memorable for all the right reasons, and nobody would have gone home disappointed.

The Melbournaires would like to wish all choruses throughout the country, a safe, wholesome, and happy Christmas, and look forward to meeting again come September.

Terry Phillips