Wow! what a Convention. Thanks Adelaide

Wow! what a Convention. Thanks Adelaide
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Posted By: Dick Bushell
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Date Posted: Tue, 23 Oct 2018

Still reeling from the euphoria of participating in one of the most exciting events in Adelaide’s history? Makes the Beatles appearance at the Adelaide Town Hall all those years ago pale in insignificance doesn’t it?
There were certainly many moments in history created over that momentous week that was the 16th Barbershop Harmony Australia National Convention and Contest. How many of you will reminisce in the weeks, months, years to come and say…..
“I was there when……the first time a BHA Convention was held in Adelaide!”
“I was there when……Festival Statesmen achieved the highest score of any Australian Chorus at that time!”
“I was there when……a new drink was invented at Harmony Academy!”
“I was there when…...David Zimmerman, the tenor from Instant Classic announced on stage his engagement to his partner, Laura, while they were visiting the Adelaide Hills!”
“I was there when………………………………………………………………….
                                     (insert your own special moment here)
People will ask you “Did you hear about that time when…..the ABC recorded the Massed Sing in Rundle Mall and televised it nationally on the news that evening?” and you’ll say: “Yes! I was there!”
None of these distinctive life experiences would have happened, of course, without the work of the small army of volunteers that made the event possible. A huge thank you to Cam DuRieu and his magnificent team on the ground in Adelaide who unrelentingly worked over the year and during the Convention to ensure all participants had an awesome experience. Cam drew on his personal expertise in events management and his relationships with local external stakeholders to help accomplish this great outcome.
Big thanks also to all of the BHA National Councillors for their leadership and harmony of mission which provided the template for the volunteers to work with.
We have received some really nice feedback, mainly from members, but one of the best testimonials comes from a non-member couple visiting from Victoria who wrote:
What an absolute privilege it was to have attended last Friday and Saturday evenings in Adelaide for the finals.  Oh, how sublime it all was and the trip from Camperdown was well worth every k. travelled.
Congratulations to everyone who was involved, there must have been mountains of work for so long to put the event together. We had no idea how wide the categories were beforehand so everything was a wonderful surprise. Our thanks to you all for a superb experience.
Wishing you all well and it probably won’t be long before you begin preparing for Hobart in 2019.  Maybe we will too......
And for those that weren’t there to experience all of those wonderful moments of history in Adelaide this year, you won’t want to miss what’s in store for Hobart!
Warm regards,


Richard Wadick
Vice President - Events

Barbershop Harmony Australia