Letter to the Editor - The Barbershop Checklist

Letter to the Editor - The Barbershop Checklist
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Posted By: Dick Bushell
Status: Current
Date Posted: Mon, 20 Aug 2018

The Barbershop Checklist….

© by Howard Kennedy
There’s churches I’ve been where a checklist of four
In reverence is repeated both in and out of the door.
Now I have been thinking, mulling quite a while.
That we need a checklist in our “A cappella” style!

Is your breathing apparatus clear and warmed just right?
Are your vocal chords moistened and whetted through the night?
Do you know your notes and words? Immersed in all your part?
Presenting as the pitch pipe blows? Singing from the heart?

Are you singing notes quite forward or are they caught up in your throat?
With energy and expression? or Are you singing as in rote?
Does your stance allow some flexing, with your feet quite well aligned?
Is your choreographic movement with the chorus well combined?

Are you ringing all those seventh chords and those fifths and thirds?
Is your undulating volume in match with all the words?
Do you worry when a key change comes and your voice just starts to float?
Or do you maintain breath support to “hit” that first sweet note?

Have you filled in the white spaces? Completed every phrase?
Will the expression on your faces catch the audience’s gaze?
Are you sticking to the breathing plan and working as a team?
Are you holding well your mouth shape as your eyes like headlights beam?

Are you listening to the other parts, matching volume and those vowels?
Are you watching close your MD or avoiding those sweet scowls?
Are your eyes and body smiling, to reflect the meaning of the song?
Are you saying to your audience, “Why don’t you come along?”

Costume and make up on before you enter to transition?
Quiet movements to the risers as you settle in position?
Are your windows open clearly as you wait behind the curtain?
Can you contain excitement so your starting note is certain?

Are you suddenly aware your surroundings are all tile?
Your reflection is your audience at which you nod and smile.
Yet you gave a great performance and know through thick and thin.
That the ringing of our special chords will surely bring them in!