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Posted By: Dick Bushell
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Date Posted: Sat, 3 Mar 2018

Greetings! I'm your new VP Events, Richard Wadick. I just came back from my first Face-to-Face meeting in Adelaide with your National Council. I am so excited to have visited the city where our next national convention and contest is going to be held.  I am also pleased to report that a majority of the groundwork has already been completed by the local team in Adelaide, who, led by Cameron DuRieu, have done a superb job in securing great venues for the Welcome Gala and contests. 

Full details will be revealed once other important elements have been put in place, however, in the meantime, ensure that you have set aside these dates in your diary: 12th to 19th September 2018.

Meantime, as local regional events unfold such as Harmony Colleges and prequalifying contests, I will be available to help ensure that these events are executed as well as possible.

I also recently attended BHA’s Premier off-Convention Harmony College at Myuna Bay, NSW on the weekend. Seventy three members attended and each of the seven clubs in Eastern Region were represented plus a member of Victoria Region attended as well. The faculty comprised Rob Sequeira, David Reid, Kieran O’Dea, Jono Albertini and Russell Bailey. The Education Team delivered a superb program and all were very engaging. The many attendees benefited from several twenty minute quartet coaching sessions and a record fifty two fifteen minute PVIs. Jono commented that he was surprised by the large attendance number and said “We should have an event like this in Sunshine Region!” Arriving on the Friday night, we started rehearsing a song that was new for the majority of us, If I Only Had a Brain. The faculty took turns at weaving their magic and polishing the song on the Saturday so the combined chorus could creditably perform the song at the local Workers Club on Saturday evening for an appreciative audience of 130 local people. A very special thanks to the ER Harmony College committee: Stuart & Beth Adey who put the whole event together including catering most of the meals and selling the tickets for the Saturday night show.
I would love to be instrumental in helping other Regions launch their own Harmony College events, so if you’re interested in doing so, please drop me a line at 
I look forward to working with you all!

Richard Wadick
VP - Events