The Blenders - Loving Sydney

The Blenders - Loving Sydney
Type of post: "In Harmony" Newsletter
Status: Current
Date Posted: Wed, 18 Oct 2017

We came, we sang and we had an awesome time getting together with all you barbershop friends new and old. More than a few of our members and friends have remarked that it was the most fun they have had at a convention. We pay respect to our music team leadership Dan Koopu and Jonathan Albertini for having us well prepared and most of all relaxed; secret to a fun time.

Blender events included our traditional pub get together which was a rollicking sing, chat and laugh for all. One wonderful highlight was our Thursday rehearsal which started as normal with some Lydian above the pitch warmups and then the great Dr. Jim Henry arrived. It was rumoured but when it happens that is a wow moment. OF course, like most barbershoppers who travel in packs of four or more he brought some Crossroads friends who put us through our paces. That kind of rehearsal is a floating experience not to be missed. Thanks Dr. Jim, pyramid man.

On the Saturday competition day, we watched our beloved BYC deliver first up and hats off to the guys, they sounded great. We moved into our traditional Blenders breakfast before our performance which is one of the great moments of brotherhood we all cherish. The club honoured one of our stalwarts, past President Barry Mallet (shown right), with Life Membership. We love what you have done for the club over many years and you deserve the recognition and honour Barry, congratulations.


"Go on girls,make me beautiful!

And then on with makeup and the contest. Is it really Blindside’s Gareth Clarke in this shot or maybe a young man at the barber for his first hair cut???

New Year and a New Committee

The Blenders AGM was held post PanPac contest and I am happy to announce President has remained with Damon Newman, Ian Mackey taking up Secretary, Tom Lawson moved to Treasurer and Tim Green taking the Music VP reigns from Dan Koopu who is assistant director to Jonathan Albertini. Thanks to Dan for the many years of MVP passion and drive; big shoes for Tim to fill but he is in the bass brotherhood so no worries!

Sing GC

The Blenders membership drive jointly running with sister chorus Coastal Charisma started October 16 and the first roll up has been great. Time to start budgeting for extra risers it seems.

Tom Lawson