Melbournaires - PanPac highlights

Melbournaires - PanPac highlights
Type of post: "In Harmony" Newsletter
Status: Current
Date Posted: Tue, 17 Oct 2017

Recollections and impressions from the Melbournaires.

From MD Ian:

WOW! It didn't seem to stop for the entire 5 days and everything went so well. And what a result! Firstly our own Rod Stow taking a bronze medal in the highly contested mixed section with a 67.1% if you don't mind. I don't think any Victorian quartet has been in that stratospheric position. We are so lucky to have him sing with us, (the girls and Alex were pretty good too!) Then we followed that with a silver medal in the Seniors quartets to Harmonic Motion. We need to note that Steve was added to that quartet two weeks ago, and learned the two parts for the comp. in a week. Then in the Open Competition, Sound Investment were a sensation with strong intonation and a smooth performance. Both Sound Investment and then Boardwalk now hold the two highest % scores for any Victorian quartet in National competition.

The chorus had two 8.00am rehearsals where they sounded wonderful. Perhaps we could have some more of those early bird calls! Everything went to plan on the day, and we finished up in 7th place for BHA, and collected the seniors chorus award with 69.8%.

Hearing Crossroads and seeing them in the flesh, (and there is quite a bit of flesh), was sensational.

And this from our President John:

Harmony College was sensational. I nearly didn't go, (haven't I heard it all already?), but that would have been such a mistake. The faculty was second to none, with Crossroads and most of the judges available 16 hours a day. Classes with different streams were dauntingly wall-to-wall from 8.00am each day, but a real pleasure to attend with these world class presenters, willing audience participants, and the latest techniques for improving singing: posture, vocal production, anatomy and direction: a lot of old theories revisited/revised.

And this from a first timer: "So this is what barbershop is all about."

What more can we say: Well done Sydney.

Terry Phillips