Miner Chords - Going for Growth

Miner Chords - Going for Growth
Type of post: "In Harmony" Newsletter
Status: Current
Date Posted: Tue, 17 Oct 2017

Over the last few months and following a lot of Singouts, with the decision of opening ourselves to female membership, the Miner Chords has gained a very significant growth in new membership. We now have female voices in tenor, lead and baritone parts. These voices have added a lovely quality to our sound and harmony within the Chorus.

Additionally, under the well prepared work and encouragement of our MD Gordon Dryden, we are gaining much more confidence.

A decision to review our music selection has had a very positive response and this has flowed through to a greater acceptance from audiences. Interestingly several of our new members have come as a result of our performances in public. Word of mouth advertising combined with positive response to people with enquiries have shown to be very valuable.

In respect to Singouts, Miner Chords has accepted all invitations to sing this year resulting in us having a busy year singing to Seniors functions on several occasions, Ipswich Historical Society Open Day, The Welsh Communiy Fete, Rotary Club Change over Night and now several Christmas Functions.

One of the challenges we now face concerns our costumes. We are now reviewing our public appearance because polo shirts do not suit all body shapes.

Finally, we wish BHA members and all the hardworkers for Barbershop singing, a Merry Christmas.

David Green