Miner Chords

Miner Chords
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Posted By: Dick Bushell
Status: Current
Date Posted: Wed, 15 Feb 2017
Miner Chords as a flash mob at a recent wedding
The Miner Chords have undergone quite a few challenges in the last few years but have managed to hang in. However, with numbers dropping below ten, we had to make some changes or risk extinction.

Late last year our Musical Director moved a couple of hours away and couldn’t always make it to rehearsals. Our immediate past president had advised the club he would be away for most of 2017 and a couple of our more experienced members had also advised their unavailability.

The newly elected committee reluctantly made some changes in appointing an interim MD and insisting that no gig would be turned down regardless of whether all four parts were available. A stroke of good timing also brought us a couple of new members and we were quickly able to bring them up to performance level and we performed quite well with as few as two parts (lead and bass)

While our current situation is far from perfect, we have also had some further prospective members have a sing with us at rehearsal so it would appear we have the prospect of growing once again.

To enhance this prospect even further the chorus has decided to open our books to women as well and we have already fielded some expressions of interest.

Probably the biggest decision made and not one we have taken lightly was to declare the position of MD vacant and call for nominations in the hope that we will attract a person with energy and musical knowledge who can develop and grow alongside us as we progress through our future goals as a flexible performance chorus who can provide quartets  and choruses of both mixed and single gender.

David Green ( President)