High Altitude Harmony

High Altitude Harmony
Type of post: Club news
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Date Posted: Sun, 23 Oct 2016
I've just returned from a really wonderful convention in Newcastle. 
As a Life Member of The Blenders is was a real honour to perform on stage with Jono and the lads and help to achieve a Bronze Medal Performance. An added bonus was singing a great set with Escapade and also a senior's Silver Medal set with Electric Canoe.
On behalf of HAH which opted not to attend Convention this year, I offer sincere congrats to all participants, the winners and grinners (Yay Blindside & VE!!!) and to the Convention organisers and workers. The highlights for me included the Top 10 Quartet Shootout, the raised standard it took to make the Top 10 open quartet final and, the best Quartet evaluation sessions I've ever participated in. I've retuned to HAH inspired to continue our learning and performing journey. I’d be even more inspired if I could have purchased pitch pipes in bulk from the Harmony market Place to present to my Music Team.
In the meantime, HAH has been busy rebuilding a core membership and growing a mixed barbershop and a'cappella repertoire. In September we were honored to provide the entire show for the University of Southern Queensland's Twilight Concert Series. We put on a great concert (according to feedback from an audience of 220 paying patrons) and came away well placed for the final build up to our annual signature event - The 9th HAH Singing Restaurant on Sat 29th October. Other recent singouts have included The Vintage Car Club and the Downs Syndrome Awareness Week Picnic in Queens Park.
We have a steady trickle of potential members coming through the doors and I'm delighted with the quality of unit sound occurring as a consistent feature of our singing. Recent visits from Darin Drown and Kelly Shepherd left us with some wonderful gems we have since incorporated into our performance philosophy.
In November we've promised ourselves some new Christmas repertoire which we'll perform at several local Christmas gigs and that, will round out a very busy 2016.
Don't forget, if you ever find yourself in our wonderful garden city - Toowoomba, please join us at rehearsal each Thursday night at Toowoomba Philharmonic, 7 Matthews St, Harristown from 7pm.
In Harmony
Mike Ludwig - MD

Editor's Note: Mike, you can purchase pitch pipes from BHS anytime you want. Just go to their website, www.barbershop.org