The Melbournaires

The Melbournaires
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Posted By: Dick Bushell
Status: Current
Date Posted: Sat, 20 Jun 2020

The passing of an old and distinguished Melbournaire Bill Rennie, was sad but unsurprising. Bill was living in a nursing home and astonished everyone by outlasting all predictions of his demise. In his daughters’ words, Bill was a fighter.
To honour his work as a former Melbournaire, a quartet was requested to perform at the ceremony, but at short notice it was necessary to put together a scratch quartet consisting of Will Hessler (lead), Steve Carnie (base), Lecky Webster (tenor), and Richard Fisher (baritone). They sang at the beginning of the celebration two appropriate numbers, “You’ll Never Walk Alone” and “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do”.
One thing the corona virus has taught us is that you cannot sing professionally through a mask; these were quickly discarded and surprisingly the sound was so much better!
We thank the four guys for representing the Melbournaires so admirably.
Speaking of masks, I was talking to a lady in a retirement village who informed me that she belonged to a singing group and noted that she would be one of the last to enjoy further loosening of the current restrictions. This was because when sing you tend to spit, and that could mean you are a potential hazard to your fellow members. I instantly made a mental note not to join the village singers and furthermore to view from afar.
In actual fact, the lockdown restrictions have been a real blessing to some of our members. Never have gardens looked so well kept, garages so clean, and relationships so much put into perspective, (this is my domain, that’s where you’ll be working). One of our members even claimed he’d spent so much more time getting to know his wife, she is actually a very nice lady.
So every dark cloud has a hidden meaning.
I’ve often mentioned our resident clown Andrew Wright and the weird and wacky things he foists on his compatriots. Well at last he has come up with something designed to keep us in touch with each other while we are forced apart. He has started a Melbournaires newsletter called The Embassy Eye. It contains collectable examples of his very warped English humour, but with donations from members, it should be newsy enough to keep us all interested. Well done Andrew, one of many things you do to help the chorus.
Incidentally, the rather clever title “Embassy Eye” comes from Melbournaires Barbershop Chorus Incorporated. (MBSI). Get it?
Terry Phillips.