2019 BHA Festival Hobart - Delegates Survey

2019 BHA Festival Hobart - Delegates Survey
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Posted By: Dick Bushell
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Date Posted: Sun, 15 Dec 2019

Thank you to all those who have completed the delegate survey from the 2019 BHA Festival held in Hobart last September.

To date 113 responses have been received and the process of reviewing the data is underway, but here are some of the highlights.

Some of the early results appear to be supportive of the Festival concept and some of the newly introduced aspects that may feature again in future Festivals.

87% of respondents rated the Festival as Very Good or Excellent and another 11% as Fairly Good, with 74% rating the value for money as Good or Excellent.

The host city Hobart and venue were rated as Excellent or Very Good by 88% of respondents.

88.5% of respondents said the Festival was about the right length and to show that too much barbershop is never enough, 7.1% said it was too short! 

91.1% of respondents were Satisfied (36.3%) or Very Satisfied (54.9%) with the Gala Dinner and 94.4% of respondents were Satisfied (37%) or Very Satisfied (57.4%) with the A Cappella Spectacular Showcase of Champions.

The Pub Chorus and Pop-up performances were well supported and of course our guest quartet Signature received huge wraps.

Most found the venue arrangements were good but feedback on the Chorus stage (20.5% Dissatisfied) suggests that it could have been better and is something that despite the best endeavours wasn’t quite where the organisers would have liked it to be.

There were a couple of errors in the survey but hopefully most people recognise that we are volunteers who spend time building, preparing and then analysing the survey for the benefit of future events.

Thank you to all those who have participated and it will provide some great ideas and information back to the national council for future consideration.

Paul Adams
VP - Membership