BHA Movember Challenge

BHA Movember Challenge
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Posted By: Dick Bushell
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Date Posted: Mon, 21 Oct 2019

We all know the health benefits and camaraderie that comes from singing together as part of this wonderful Barbershop family and we are determined to share that message with the Australian community.

Similarly, as a group of members spanning Australia we have sought to find an opportunity to collaborate in a nation-wide project focussed on improving outcomes for others.

So this year we have reached out to the Movember Foundation to join with them in promoting Men’s Health and promoting within BHA an initiative to participate in Movember 2019 (with a special shout out to Vox Canvas who last year provided the inspiration for this initiative).

Imagine this. If 60 percent of the members of all of our clubs across Australia joined in to raise an average of $25 per member we could raise over $12,000 whilst sharing the joy of Barbershop.    It is fully inclusive for any member, from the classic “Mo growing” experience, to Movement challenges, through to simply fundraising with other members of the Movember community. We can share stories, photos, fun and friendship whilst engaging in community events and sharing our love of Barbershop.

The BHA national council will arrange for Movember to set up a “Challenge” for Barbershop Harmony Australia.   A Challenge is an umbrella page on the Movember website for our organisation that enables us to keep track of how our fundraising is tracking as a whole.

Before we can get this set up, the first step is for all participants to head to and Sign Up for a Fundraising (Mo Space) page as individuals. This is an easy process and takes only ten minutes.   After signing up, one person from each Team will create the Team fundraising page – this person will become the Team Captain.   

When we give the word, Movember will then establish a “Barbershop Harmony Australia Challenge” page, which all barbershop teams will join.   This will allow us to keep track of our network’s fundraising total, post pictures and messages, and see leader boards for each Team.. 

To get us started I have attached Movembers Core Fundraising Guide which will give you an overview of what Movember is all about and also has some great fundraising ideas in there. 

We trust that you will fully consider the opportunities to engage with your fellow Barbershoppers across Australia and within our communities in this collaborative and outwards reaching initiative.

Please contact me if you have any questions or need assistance.

Yours In Harmony,

Paul Adams
Barbershop Harmony Australia