Membership Survey feedback

Membership Survey feedback
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Posted By: Dick Bushell
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Date Posted: Fri, 19 Apr 2019

BHA 2018 Membership Survey Snippets

The BHA National Council has been working through the results of the 2018 BHA membership survey and referencing the information contained within the responses in consideration of the key strategies and objectives for BHA in line with our strategic vision of Enriching Australia Through Harmony.

When it comes to personal member satisfaction, “The pursuit of musical and artistic excellence” tops our survey with a massive 98.1% agreement followed by “The pure enjoyment of ringing chords” with 97.6% agreement.   Clearly there is something about our Barbershop style that once hooked, it never lets us go, and drives us to keep improving our craft!

But our camaraderie and outreach are essential elements for personal satisfaction and impact as the next highest scores are “Fellowship with other members in the Association” at 96.2% agreement, and then “The impact we make on people and communities when we sing for them” at 96.1% agreement.    This impact is supported by our ability to bring joy to audiences as “Singing on Club Shows and Events” scores a 93.4% agreement.

On a club level we seem to be doing well, with 89.9% agreeing that their club “has good musical leaders” and 86.4% believing that they “have a healthy, positive atmosphere and culture”, leading to confidence held by 81% of respondents that the club “is headed in the right direction”.

Unfortunately, those results are not translating to confidence when it comes to the club “is likely to grow and improve in the future” with only 64.6% agreeing.    We clearly have some work to do to get our message out there and maintain our sustainability.

The results show that our regions and the National Council can have a greater impact with results of agreement for issues such as  leadership, vision, consultation and collaboration scoring between 35% and 60% agreement.

We know there is work to do but the results of the survey and discussion in forums with members, Regional Chairs and Club Presidents gives us confidence that as a Barbershop community we still have much to give.

We will continue to analyse the survey information and communicate the lessons we have learned as we move forward with our plans to Engage, Educate and Enjoy.

Paul Adams - Vice President Membership