Harmony Academy - 2018

Harmony Academy - 2018
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Posted By: Dick Bushell
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Date Posted: Mon, 20 Aug 2018

Harmony Academy 2018 - An Education Event You Can’t Miss

Following on from our convention in Adelaide, we will be holding our annual Harmony Academy at the Adare Camp and Caravan Park. This is an educational event you won’t want to miss, with a top class faculty of educators including our headline quartet Instant Classic.

What makes Harmony Academy different from previous Harmony Colleges?
Well, for a start we are dividing up our classes into a number of streams. You can then select a track based on your area of interest. Here is what you have to pick from:

  • Directors College

  • Performing Arts College

  • Harmony College

  • Masterclasses

  • Honours Chorus

Of course, you will still be able to pick and choose whatever individual classes you are the most interested in.

Directors College
Want to be the best director you can be? Learn how to inspire your singers. Directors College has some core classes we encourage you to take but you get to choose which classes you attend. We are offering conducting techniques, private lessons in conducting, and other core classes including vocal production and theory.

Performing Arts College
This is a stream of classes designed to teach the participants how to approach performance in several areas of our craft. Classes this year include: Visual Impact, How to Put On A Great Show and The Emotional Journey.  Opportunities to be coached privately and “under glass” also available for individuals, quartets and choruses as time allows.

Harmony College
This is all about general Barbershop Harmony education for anyone who is new or seasoned and wants to learn more about our style of music, vocal production, theory and history.

This is a collection of classes we offer that don’t fit into one of our other streams. Some of our classes are Arranging, Advanced Arranging, How to use social media better, Personal Voice Instructions

Honours Chorus
This is a stream for all singers who are interested in having a great time singing while learning about rehearsal techniques, ensemble singing and performance. The Honours Chorus will be under the direction of Alex Morris and the section leaders are our 2017 Australian Champion Quartet Lockout. If you are interested in being a part of this chorus you can sign up by clicking here.

Please note there are limited spots for this chorus, so it’s first come first served. We will provide you with learning resources so all you need to do is turn up knowing your music.

Harmony Academy Faculty
We have sourced some of the best educators for this year’s event, including our guest quartet Instant Classic. With such quality educators on offer this will truly be an International-level event. Our faculty this year includes:

  • David Zimmerman

  • Theo Hicks

  • Kohl Kitzmiller

  • Kyle Kitzmiller

  • Scott Kitzmiller

  • Mike Kelly

  • Jen Howson

  • Alex Morris

  • Ash Schofield

  • Stefan Pugliese

  • Ali Jamison

  • Daniel Beckitt

  • Bec Hewitt

  • Richard Reeve

What else do I need to know?
Harmony Academy will be held from Sunday the 16th through to Wednesday the 19th of September at the at the Adare Camp and Caravan Park, 20 Wattle Drive, McCracken (Victor Harbour).

Cost is only $340 which includes nearly three full days of Harmony Academy. All accommodation and meals will be provided - just show up ready to learn and have fun!

If you can't make the whole event we also have day passes available.

Also note that if you are unable to attend convention for any reason you are still able to register for Harmony Academy. Just use the sign up form here and you are good to go.

See you there!

Andrew Howson
VP Music
Barbershop Harmony Australia