Some information from the Contest Administrators

Some information from the Contest Administrators
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Posted By: Dick Bushell
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Date Posted: Sun, 17 Jun 2018

From the keys of the Contest Administrators…….

We have just completed the successful rounds of Regional contests over three weekends.  This has kept John, Aaron and Linda, as the three Contest Administrators in Australia, on their toes, travelling around the countryside.   We are very happy with the way everyone has been able to use the online contest entry system we introduced last year.  The benefits of entry online have streamlined some of the administrative processes that are required to be carried out by the CA prior to a contest occurring.

We are now preparing for the National Convention to be held in Adelaide in September.  You might be wondering why we are busy already?  There is so much more to running a contest to just collecting the entries and taking the scores on the day.  A snap shot of the responsibilities of a Contest Administrator include:

  • Venue site visits

  • Program scheduling – contest draw and evaluation times

  • Liaising with the local arrangement team

  • Problem solving skills

  • Administering the rules and standing orders to ensure that a fair contest is offered to all competitors

As we journey towards the National Convention, we offer our thoughts and guidance herein on what you need to know if you are competing this September.

The online Contest Entry website is ready and waiting for a representative from each competing chorus or invited quartet/mixed chorus to complete their entry.  (invitations were sent shortly after the regionals to the qualifying quartets for the National contest)

There are some important steps that need to occur to complete an entry.

  1. Only one person (per entry) completes the online entry on behalf of the quartet/chorus.  This individual needs to be one of the competing members.  For all the quartets, this will usually be the same person who completed the entry for regional as they are already a registered user on the Contest Website.

    1. All four members of a competing quartet must be fully paid delegates of the National Convention.

    2. For a chorus to submit an entry, you don’t need to wait till all the members have registered for convention.  If you have at least 8 singers and the MD already registered as fully paid delegates for convention, you can enter your chorus.   As more members register as convention delegates, these can be added to your chorus list via the Contest Website using the modify entry option. 

    3. All competing members must be financial BHA members (full, youth, associate)

  2. Select the contest for which you are entering.   In most cases this will only offer the one that matches your ensemble.  (i.e. quartet that has qualified for Open and Senior, two contests.  Or if only qualified for Senior then only one option)

  3. Enter your contest songs.   You will now also need to complete the fields for the creators of the songs.   Words, Music, Arranger and what is the copyright source and confirm that you have purchase the rights to sing the song. 

  4. When you have completed all the steps, complete your entry by confirming with the Submit button.   This then sends to you an email with a copy of the forms which will be available at “sign on” convention.  The CA also receives this email.  If you modify your songs or add more members to your chorus, then new forms need to be generated.

  5. Complete the payment for your competing quartet/chorus.  There is a handy link off the convention website for payments.   This can be done with either a credit card or as a direct transfer int the designated account.

When the entry form and payment has been confirmed, you will receive a note from a CA confirming receipt.

Once the entries are closed a contest order of appearance drawn and then in a timely manner conveyed to the entrants.  But that’s another article to come!

Contest Administrator, Category Specialist