Message from Mike Donnelly

Message from Mike Donnelly
Type of post: "In Harmony" Newsletter
Status: Current
Date Posted: Tue, 17 Oct 2017
Mike pictured with Derek Cosburn after receiving his award

I am extremely proud, and equally humbled, to be the inaugural recipient of The BHA Medal. The men nominated were a formidable group of AAMBS and BHA leaders, in every aspect of our artform. To be considered in company with them is an honour in itself.

As described, “The BHA Medal recognises an individual’s exemplary contribution to the advancement of barbershop in Australia, for sustained outstanding leadership, innovation, influence or initiative development…” I have always believed the extraordinary success and progress of barbershopping in Australia is due to the pervasive volunteer efforts of barbershoppers of all talents, across our entire age spectrum. As much as in any sport, barbershopping is a team effort which requires the involvement and commitment of every player to maintain and increase our excellence. The total number of our members willing to assume any and every task that needs doing, or fill any leadership or music position is the key to our success and enjoyment, and a great example of “all hands on deck.” I hope the new BHA Medal will inspire each and every one of you to personally contribute to the team, and strive to become a candidate for the prestigious new BHA Medal.

And most sincerely, profound thanks go to Derek Cosburn who proposed the concept, sponsored the program, and designed and produced the stunning medal.

In Harmony,

Mike Donnelly